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Sony Burano Review

The Sony Burano marks a significant evolution in Sony's CineAlta line of digital cinema cameras, offering a compact, lightweight, and highly versatile option for filmmakers. Aimed at single-camera operators and smaller production crews, the Burano's design and features reflect a strong understanding of the needs within the film industry for high-quality, mobile, and durable camera systems.

Key Features

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The Burano is designed to be portable and easy to handle, especially in comparison to its sibling, the Venice 2. It is significantly lighter and more compact, which makes it ideal for dynamic shooting environments where mobility is key.

  • High-Quality Imaging: Sharing the same 8.6K Exmor RS CMOS full-frame image sensor with the Venice 2, the Burano ensures that image quality is not compromised for the sake of size. This sensor, closely related to that in the a1, promises excellent performance in various lighting conditions, thanks to its dual base ISO of 800 and 3200 and the capability to capture 16 stops of dynamic range.

  • Versatility in Shooting Modes: The ability to shoot 8K video at up to 30fps, 6K at up to 60fps, and 4K at up to 120fps, alongside a wide range of resolution options, makes the Burano a highly flexible tool for various production needs.

  • Lens Compatibility and Autofocus: With a removable PL-mount flange, the Burano can utilize a vast range of E-mount lenses, further enhancing its versatility. The inclusion of Fast Hybrid AF and Subject-detection AF, along with 5-axis image stabilization and a maximum of 627 PDAF focus points, highlights the Burano's capability to deliver sharp and stable footage under various conditions.

Market Position and Pricing

Priced at $25,000, the Burano is positioned as a premium offering that bridges the gap between high-end cinema cameras and the needs of more mobile, versatile production settings. Its Spring 2024 release date will likely build anticipation among filmmakers looking for a powerful yet portable camera system.

The Sony Burano represents a thoughtful expansion of the CineAlta lineup, addressing the demand for a camera that combines the high-quality imaging capabilities of the Venice 2 with the mobility and versatility required by modern filmmakers. Its compact size, comprehensive feature set, and environmental considerations set it apart as a significant addition to the digital cinema camera market.

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