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Sigma FF High-Speed lenses: Flare Test

Spekulor's video test of the Sigma FF High-Speed lens series, conducted with the RED V-RAPTOR in 8K, offers insightful observations on these lenses' performance, particularly in terms of flare, contrast, and sharpness.

Flare characteristics are a key aspect of any lens's personality, and the Sigma series displayed a unique green tint to their flares. This tint, a consistent trait across the range, was particularly pronounced in the wider focal lengths. The variance in flare between lenses is noteworthy, with the 135mm showing the cleanest flare - a factor that could be ideal for scenarios requiring a more controlled lens flare effect. In contrast, the 24mm lens stood out for its distinctive character, offering a more pronounced and stylistic flare that could be highly desirable in creative filmmaking for adding a dramatic or atmospheric touch.

The high levels of contrast provided by these lenses contribute significantly to image quality. This contrast enhances the depth and dimensionality of the image, making subjects stand out more distinctly against their backgrounds. Additionally, the corner-to-corner sharpness of these lenses is remarkable. This attribute ensures that images remain crisp and detailed across the entire frame.


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