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How To Get Clients for your film company.

When I first began working for Spekulor one of my first jobs was to acquire clients. However when I sat out on this quest I quickly realized it was going to be a lot harder than I imagined. However as I began to put together my plan I would eventually find a winning strategy. 

Over the course of my six months of working in sales in the film industry I came to realize my strategy incorporated these three tenets. 

1.Reaching out: Find new ways to contact people you have never met or may have never heard of you 

2. Provide value without asking: always give and only take after you have provided something of value.  

3.Communicate: following up and creating systems to have people remember who you are hugely important. 

My strategy was targeted; I chose to call businesses and individuals with products that could benefit from professional film services. This wasn't a random scattergun approach, but a calculated effort to connect with those who could truly leverage our expertise. The process was grueling – nearly 30 calls a day, often with little to no immediate success. But perseverance is the name of the game.

The First Breakthrough

The breakthrough finally came, but it wasn't overnight. It was the result of consistent effort, belief in our service's value, and an unwavering commitment to our vision. Securing that first client was more than just a business victory; it was proof that there was value in my outreach. However I also used the outreach as a time to figure out the needs of my next clients. People will often communicate with you and tell you what they are looking for even when they are giving you a "no". This insight is even more valuable if you decide to stay in the same area of outreach. I chose to focus on businesses that were in the sector of having a physical product. I did this for a simple fact that most people who have products do not have time to create content for them. It was also a general enough of a place to focus on that it gave me the ability to contact over a dozen different businesses in a 100 mile radius of our company.

Engaging Through Content

Once the ball was rolling, I realized the need for a more sustainable, engaging way to attract and retain clients. That's where content stepped into the limelight. The aim was to create material that not only showcased our expertise but also engaged our audience on a deeper level. I created content that provided value to our clients and future clients in a way that gave more than it took. 

Shutterbriefs: More Than Just a Newsletter

Enter Shutterbriefs, our newsletter. This wasn't just any newsletter. It was a carefully curated compilation of insights, tips, and most importantly, job opportunities within the entertainment industry. Shutterbriefs served a dual purpose – it provided value to our readers while also offering them a glimpse into our company's culture and capabilities.

Through this newsletter, we didn't just reach out; we built relationships. We provided something of real value, which in turn, made our audience more receptive to what we had to offer.

The Power of Communication

As I reflect on this journey, the true power lies in effective communication. It's about reaching out, yes, but also about listening, understanding the needs of potential clients, and presenting solutions that resonate.

In this industry, often people don't realize what they want until it's right in front of them. That's the beauty of what we do. We don't just offer a service; we offer a vision, a possibility – something they might not have imagined before.


Building a client base for a film company is no easy feat. It's a blend of old-school techniques like cold calling, with modern content-driven engagement strategies. But at the core of it all is the power of reaching out, making those connections, and offering something valuable – be it through a phone call or a newsletter like Shutterbriefs. Remember, sometimes all it takes to open doors is to let people know what they could have – and then deliver it in a way that exceeds their expectations..

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