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Gopro Hero 12 Review

Gopro has always been a staple in the filmaking familly of action cams. Being the grandfather of the action cam and the innovator the trend continues with the Hero 12.

The GoPro Hero 12: A Solid Upgrade for Action Camera Enthusiasts

The GoPro Hero 12 is a reliable and improved action camera that now handles heat better and has a longer battery life. However, the menu navigation could still use some work.

Rating: 9/10


  • Better battery life and heat tolerance

  • Improved stabilization

  • Support for Log video

  • Standard tripod mount

  • HDR recording option

  • Compatible with existing accessories


  • Menu system is less user-friendly compared to competitors

GoPro is synonymous with action cameras, much like Kleenex is with tissues. Even people with knockoff brands often refer to their cameras as "GoPros." For most people wanting to document their adventures, any small camera is a GoPro.

While GoPro leads the market, competitors like DJI and Insta360 are innovating with features such as magnetic mounts, larger sensors, and simpler menus. The Hero 12 doesn't offer these new features, but it remains a go-to camera due to its reliability and performance.

*This photo is not the gopro 12

Incremental Improvements

Visually, the Hero 12 looks similar to the Hero 11 Black, with only minor cosmetic changes. This means all your old accessories will still fit. Internally, it uses the same sensor and processor as the Hero 11, but with some key upgrades: longer run times, 10-bit Log video, timecode syncing, and a standard tripod mount.

Despite rumors that the Hero 12 is just a firmware update to the Hero 11, it performs better in real-world use. It’s the first GoPro that has never overheated, even in demanding conditions.

Shooting Performance

If you use your GoPro as intended—attached to fast-moving objects with good airflow—you likely won't experience overheating. Using mine in challenging conditions, like on a dashboard in direct sunlight, previous models often failed. The Hero 12 has not overheated once in over a month of testing.

The improved battery life is also notable, especially in high-demand modes like 4K 120p. The removal of the GPS feature, used by less than 1% of users, likely contributes to this improvement.

New Features

For those who use their GoPro alongside other cameras, the Hero 12's timecode sync feature ensures footage can be accurately aligned during editing. This feature, previously available only through GoPro Labs firmware, now works reliably.

The Hero 12 also supports 10-bit "raw" video with PG-Log for maximum dynamic range and a new HDR video option. Though not true HDR, it offers better highlight and color performance.

Another notable addition is AutoBoost stabilization, which dynamically adjusts cropping to maintain smooth footage. The Hero 12 also supports wireless headphones and microphones, allowing for better audio capture and voice control.

Gopro Labs GoPro Labs is an experimental platform that allows users to access advanced features and customizations not available in the standard firmware. It's a playground for enthusiasts who want to push their GoPro's capabilities even further.

One of the standout features of GoPro Labs is QR code control. This lets you configure your camera settings via QR codes, which can be incredibly useful for quick and precise adjustments on the fly. Whether you need to change resolution, frame rate, or shooting modes, a simple scan of a QR code can do it instantly.

Another advantage is the ability to enable timecode sync, which is essential for multi-camera setups. This ensures that all your footage aligns perfectly during editing, making it a valuable tool for professional projects.

GoPro Labs also offers experimental features like motion detection, wake-on-motion, and long exposure settings. These features can significantly enhance your shooting experience, providing more creative options and better control over your footage.

For those who love to tinker and optimize, GoPro Labs is a must-try. It allows you to unlock the full potential of your GoPro, turning an already impressive camera into an even more powerful tool for capturing your adventures.

Final Thoughts

The Hero 12 includes a 1/4-20 tripod screw hole, making it easier to use with tripods and other mounting systems. However, the menu system remains less intuitive compared to DJI and Insta360, which could be improved with a firmware update.

Should You Buy One?

If you need the new features or have had overheating issues with previous models, the Hero 12 is a worthwhile upgrade. Otherwise, if you're happy with your Hero 11 or Hero 10, there's no rush to upgrade. GoPro cameras are known for their durability and longevity, with even older models like the Hero 4 still in use today. The Hero 12 continues this tradition of reliable performance and is a solid choice for any action camera enthusiast

Rent it and try it today!

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