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COMPARISON VIDEO (Agenieux VS Dzofilm)

This contented was published on April 21, 2022.

Spekulor recently shot a comparison test on RED V-RAPTOR. In the next several months, we are comparing some of the latest full-frame lenses, both budget and well know manufacturers. Thiis is our first video. Since we tested zooms we decided to match 3 Focal Lengths on both the Angenieux & the DZO zooms. Focal length sizes we chose are 45mm, 85mm, and 135 mm.

Watch the video below!



45 mm

Shooting Full Frame cameras at 45mm is similar to 28mm with a Super 35 sensor, so it’s a great medium wide lens size for full frame cameras.

The Angenieux seems slightly crisper with a better contrast level, but the DZO looks very good as well.

85 mm

85mm at Full Frame is similar to a 53mm on a S35 sensor so it is a normal perspective.

Both lenses have great color rendition and a nice spherical look without


Flaring & specular highlights are much more apparent with the DZO with noticeable banding and iris cuts. Interesting if wanted for special shots.

135 mm

135mm at full frame is almost the same perspective as a 85mm at S35, so you get bokeh highlights and a slightly compressed facial symmetry for beautiful closeups.

The Angenieux has a nice flare at 135mm with a distinctly European feel (French New wave style!).

DZO is also surprisingly good lens with a deeper flare and the bokeh is not as round as EZ zoom.

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