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Aputure's 600C Pro Review

Aputure's LS 600C Pro is a strong and worthy addition to the Aputure family. It's a versatile and powerful light source that offers a range of features and accessories, making it a standout choice in a crowded market and its probably best bang for your buck in terms of value added and the sheer versatility that it has as a light. .

Size-wise, the LS 600C Pro is comparable to the daylight-only 600D, and across the board its smaller then most HMI lights on the market.. The kit, when packed in its rolling case, makes this light the perfect addition to any filmmaker on the go.

In terms of output, the LS 600C Pro doesn't disappoint. It achieves its rated power with ease, and it can even run on battery power, although you'll need some robust batteries to handle the load. There's also a 48V DC input option for powering it.

The LS 600C Pro offers various connectivity options, including CRMX, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and the user-friendly Sidus Link app. Color selection by CIE xy coordinates is a handy feature, and the light's color accuracy is impressive, especially in the Rec. 709 color space. White light quality is excellent, with minimal CCT errors across different color temperatures.

The best feature of the 600C and the Aputure brand of products across the board is they're tether control that you can connect to via Bluetooth and operate through the Aputure app. In the app you can not only program different models of Aputure lights to work together but you can have saved presets that can help you quickly set up your next light plan with ease.

In terms of pricing, the LS 600C Pro is competitively priced, offering a compelling alternative to more expensive options like ARRI's offerings. It's even more budget-friendly than some high-end lights like the Orbiter.

If this is what Aputure had in mind for its premium range, it's a smart move. The LS 600C Pro offers power and flexibility without sacrificing too much output, and it's poised to meet the demands of the industry as lighting technology continues to evolve.

If you want to check out the light yourself with no big commitments to buying it, why not rent it!

Click the button to rent the Aputure's 600C today and see if it fits your needs and demands as a filmmaker!

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