rent Zeiss ZE Prime 7 Lens Set 18mm 21mm

Rent Zeiss ZE Prime 7 Lens Set 

Daily $135 Weekly $405 
Package includes:
- 18mm Distagon T3.5 CF 12"

- 21mm Distagon T2.8 CF 9"

- 28mm Distagon T2.0 CF 10"

- 35mm Distagon T2.0 CF 12"

- 50mm Planar T1.4 CF 18"

- 85mm Planar T1.4 CF 20"

- 135mm Planar T2.8 CF 5' 5"

A complete Cine Modded Zeiss ZE lens set with Canon mounts and Duclos Front and Cine Ring mods for use with any modern follow focus. Perfect for the budget filmmaker looking for a high quality lens set at an affordable price.