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Rent TVLogic VFM-056WP 5.6" 3G-SDI Viewfinder Monitor

Daily $50 Weekly $150

Includes Cable to power off D-Tap and Canon LPE6 battery plate and a Noga Arm for mounting. The VFM-056WP 5.6" 3G-SDI Viewfinder Monitor from TVLogic is specially designed for professional HDSLR and camcorder shooters. Utilizing a 5.6” LCD panel with 1280x800 resolution, a 170° wide viewing angle, and a luminance of 300cd/m2, the monitor ensures optimum usability for indoor and outdoor shooting with HDSLR cameras and camcorders. The ergonomic design with light solid magnesium achieves high efficiency against heat. When HDMI-to-SDI conversion output function is turned on, the HDMI input signal is converted to 720p and output through SDI port. This function will greatly help the camera crews to communicate watching the same video with 2 monitors.


The VFM-056WP monitor can analyze the Luma(Y’) and Chroma(Cb/Cr) components of the input video signal and warn the user with blinking pixels, where the video signal is over the maximum or under the minimum of the designated range. This helps the user to optimize the exposure condition of the camera. The unit has mounting holes on top, bottom, right and left for most convenient mounting on or near the camera. The Focus Assist function helps the shooter to easily find out the exact area in the picture with good focus, simply by adding colors on the shape or boundaries of the object in the picture. Mono background mode is added for better focus control. The DSLR scale function is optimized for Canon 5DMK2, 7D and Nikon D7000 that display various resolutions for preview, recording & playback. DSLR Scale function scales the low resolution input signal from DSLRs to fit the full screen of the VFM-056WP monitor. Compatible with various SDI signals formats such as (SD/HD/3G) and 3G-SDI signal Compatible with various analog signals such as CVBS (Composite), S-Video and YPbPr (Component) HDMI to SDI conversion output Provides a self-adjustment function for white balance (or color temperature) utilizing internal sensor that measures the temperature of the LCD panel Slim and all-in-one type monitor that supports various video formats Wide Screen / Wide Viewing Angle WaveForm & Vectorscope, 2x zoom, embedded audio level meter Internal Speaker (active only with input signals with Embedded Audio) Stereo Audio Out through phone Jack Easy to adjust user configuration using the control knob on the side of the monitor BLUE ONLY/MONO/Focus Assist/H/V Delay Function Range Error / Luma(Y') Zone Check (Color/Zebra Type) Function Internal Pattern Generator (0 to 100% Gray/ColorBar+Pluge) Center Marker, Safety Area Marker, Aspect Marker, Display Size(Scan) Pixel to Pixel/Zoom mode Used to display the original image resolution without scaling to match a certain resolution or an aspect ratio. Select 'Pixel to pixel' to display unscaled images, and select 'Zoom' to enlarge the original image.


Zoom Scroll Function: (Left/Right, Top/Bottom) Camera Mounting Hole x 4, VESA Mounting Standard, Screen Tally Function, 300cd/m2, Brightness, 500:1 Contrast, OSD user interface

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