Hive Lighting Unveils New 100-Watt LED Light, the WASP 100-C 2 Light Kits
Daily $120 Weekly $360

The WASP 100-C. Designed with photography, cinematography, events, and other special use applications in mind, Hive Lighting aims to bring high quality lighting and control to everyone. Some of the features of the unit include an all-metal construction, tunable color temperature, and broad compatibility with a wide-range of light modifiers from various manufacturers.


One of the key features the company is touting for the light is that it includes their Perfect S.H.O.T. control system. This system allows users to adjust the saturation, hue, output, and color temperature to create the exact lighting they want. The hue and saturation controls allow users to create unique color combinations, while the color temperature control allows easy adjusting from warm to cool temperatures. Controlling the light can be done via the DMX board, a control interface on the unit, or via a smartphone app. The light has a 180 degree spread and is compatible with light modifiers from various manufacturers including Profoto, Chimera, Elinchrom, Bowens, and more. The unit is battery powered and designed with a battery mount accessory that accepts standard V-Mount and AB-Mount for add-on batteries.