Rent A GoPro Hero 5 Camera
Daily $40 Weekly $120 
Rent GoPro Hero 5 - 2 Camera Package
Daily $80 Weekly $240 
Rent GoPro Hero 5 - 3 Camera Package
Daily $120 Weekly $360
Rent GoPro Hero 5 - 9 Camera Package
Daily $540 Weekly $1620
Rent GoPro Chest Mount 
Daily $5 Weekly $15

The “Chesty” is fully adjustable to fit all sizes. Makes it easy to capture immersive video and photo footage from, well…your chest. Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports, or any activity where you want to get a “lower than the helmet” view of the action. See more of your arms, knees poles, and skis while skiing…or your arms and handlebars while biking or riding your motorcycle. Recommended as a more immersive way to film than on the helmet.

Compatible with ALL HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO Original Cameras.  

Rent GoPro Handlebar Bicycle Mount 
Daily $5 Weekly $15 



Easily attach your GoPro camera to poles and bars, such as bicycle handle bars. 

Rent GoPro Head Strap Mount 
Daily $5 Weekly $15 

The GoPro Head Strap Mount allows you to strap your GoPro camera to your head. This is great for sports or POV shots. It works with all GoPro’s including the original Hero, Hero 2, and Hero 3 cameras.


Rent Sandisk 32GB Micro SD Card 
Daily $10 Weekly $20


Rent GoPro Roll Bar Mount 
Daily $5 Weekly $10

Attach your GoPro camera to roll bars, tubes and more. Fits 1.4" to 2.5" (3.5cm – 6.35cm) diameter tubes. Perfect for clamping your camera to the radiator cap (both metal and plastic caps) on karts. You can also clamp to bike frames, bumper bars, ski/surfboard racks, or anything else that is in the size range above. Comes with pivoting orientation arms allowing for 3-way adjustability, ensuring you can get the angle you want.

Compatible with ALL HERO4, HERO3, HERO2, and HD HERO Original Cameras


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