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Rent FreeFly Wave High Speed Camera 420f

Package Includes:

  •  FreeFly Wave Camera body

  • Built in 2TB SSD - WC PL Mount

  • E mount adapter

  • FLITE Camera Cage

  • Atomos Shinobi 5inch

  • 4ft HDMI Cable

  • WC/Manfrotto Base Plate

  • x2 15mm Rods

  • GM Battery Plate

  • SmallRig Monitor Mount

Rent Complete FreeFly Wave package - 2TB High Speed Camera (EF or PL Mount)

Daily $400 Weekly $1200

  • USB to USB- C cable

  • USB- C to USB- C cable

  • D-tap to DC power

  • D-tap to Sony L-series

  • AC to Dummy Sony L-series

  • DC to AC Power

  • 2x V or Gold Mount Battery

  • Battery Dual Charger

  • 1510 Pelican case