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CATTA Ace FF 35-80 mm and 70-135 mm T2.9

Daily $150 Weekly $300


The Catta 35-80mm and 75-135mm T2.9 lenses covers full Frame sensors at an affordable price.


Classic cinematic color and sharpness with a Parafocal design the lenses are light enough for Gimbals & Steadicam.  Quick change mounts allow for use on E mount Sony cameras like the Venice, FX9, FX6, FX3.  The RF mount allows native use on the new Canon line of cameras as well as the Red Raptor & Komodo.

​Package includes: 

  • Front Cap

  • EF Bayonet

  • EF Rear Cap

  • Shim Set

  • Support Base

  • Support Rod

  • Custom Case

Lens Type:​

  • Zoom