Rent Bartech Wireless Focus System Heden Digital Version - BFD
Daily $105 Weekly $315

Complete Digital System with the Heden Digital Motor Includes cabling to power off of D-Tap or a steadicam Please check out all my listings to create your package we have tons of gear. If you order over $350 we can deliver to Hollywood or nearby. The B.D.R. is compatible with the B.F.D. transmitter and works with most digital motors manufactured today (Preston, Heden, Loon, Scorpio ). If you use two you can focus two cameras simultaneously for 3D work. And the receiver has adjustable torque to tailor the motor's performance to different lenses. All in the smallest package of any motor driver made. The BarTech Focus Device, or "BFD", was created in 1999 to fill the need for a powerful, accurate wireless follow focus system that was affordable. It was designed to be as compatible as possible with existing systems (Seitz, WRC-4) and motors (Heden, CPC) to allow operators with existing systems to upgrade to superior performance with a minimum of expense. Since its introduction over 1500 systems have been sold in 50+ countries around the world. Transmitter Specifications: Dimensions/Weight: approx. 7" x 3�" x 1�"/1� lbs. Power Consumption: 30 mA @ 7 to 15 VDC (9 mA in low power mode) RF Transmission: 902-928 MHZ Single frequency, part 15 FCC compliant Resolution: 12-bits (4096 steps), all steps always used Data Update Rate: 350+ transmissions/second Transmission Delay: 3 milliseconds Receiver/Amplifier Specifications Dimensions/Weight:: approx. 4�" by 3�" by 1�" / approx. 11 oz. Power Consumption: 50 milliamps @ 11-17VDC (Motor off) up to 5 amps maximum when driving a motor Power Output to Motor: 2 amps maximum @ 18 VDC (36 watts)