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Rent ET Arri Style baseplate / dovetail with 15mm or 19mm rods

Daily $40 Weekly $120


The Element 15mm Studio Hybrid - Bridge Plate is the foundation of a modular, professional camera support system. This plate comes standard with two 15mm rod clamps, but it can also be fitted with different-sized clamps to provide you with the best support rig for your camera and accessories. With one rod clamp attached to the front and back of the plate, you're able to mount 15mm support rods for attaching lights, matteboxes, batteries, and many other onboard accessories.


Flexibility When using primes or a lightweight zoom, the front clamps can be used to support accessories such as a matte box and follow focus, and the rear clamps can be used to support other accessories such as drive mounts or battery mounts. And when shooting with larger zoom lenses, both clamps can be employed for maximum rod support. Utilizing both sets of clamps on the Hybrid provides better support for a zoom lens than on previous bridge plates. 15mm Lightweight Support A 15mm Lightweight support clamp can also be attached to the front of a 15mm or 19mm Studio clamp, allowing the use of matte boxes and follow focuses that use the Lightweight standard. Panavision


Support Panavision support is also part of the modular system. The Panavision support bracket allows use of the Panavision Modular Follow Focus and also provides standard 12V Panavision power outs that face the front of the camera.


Compatibility The Hybrid is compatible with all of the ElementS dovetails, as well as any other Arri-standard dovetail. When used with an Arri camera, a shim plate is required.


The 12" Arri Dovetail from ElementS is an improvement over the standard Arri dovetail, providing a modified outer edge that allows for direct mounting of a compatible O'Connor fluid head. This means you won't need a Euro quick release, making for a less cumbersome (and more affordable) connection between camera and plate. Compatible with ElementS 15mm and 19mm RED bridge plates, Hybrid system, and all other Arriflex standard bridge plates

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