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Spekulor EZ-1-45-135.png

Rent Angenieux EZ-1 45-135mm Zoom Lens (PL Mount)

Daily $275 Weekly $825

The Angénieux Type EZ 1 for FF/VistaVision and S35 format is a standard zoom lens with a zoom factor of 3x. Its focal range and aperture are set to 45-135mm F2.8/T3 for the FF/VV covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal and 30-90mm F1.9/T2 for the S35 covering an image up to 30mm. By exchanging the rear lens group, the lens  can be switched from FF/VV to S35 and from S35 to FF/VV.

​Package includes: 

  • Angenieux EZ-1 45-135mm Zoom Lens

  • 1x custom case


  • PL Mount ​

Lens Type:​

  • Zoom Lens

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