Rent Angenieux 15-40mm Optimo DP cine zo
Rent Angenieux 15-40mm Optimo DP Rouge T2.8 Zoom Lens
(PL Mount)
Daily or weekend $300 Weekly $1200
Package includes:
1x Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 15-40mm T2.8 Zoom Lens
1x custom case

The Optimo 15-40 features a new optical design that eliminates breathing and ramping, and offers superior levels of optical performance across its entire zoom range.



  • An extremely fast aperture speed of T2.6 

  • Impressive contrast and color reproduction 

  • A superior level of optical performance across the entire range 

  • No ramping, no breathing 

  • 320° focus rotation with over 25 witness marks 

  • Perfect for handheld or Steadicam operation